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Monty Banks

We’ve been working with Monty for over 15 years and we couldn’t recommend him more. After all, he was the entertainer at our wedding! From Rat Pack to boogie woogie piano this vocalist swings like no other.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Monty Banks established himself as one of the most swinging band leaders and singers in the Seattle area years ago. In the late 90s he was at the forefront of the amazing retro swing and lounge movement in the NW (including Vancouver, B.C.). His brand of classic showmanship and penchant for working with the best jazz cats in town, always made for a good show. During the last decade Monty has traveled the world on cruise ships, worked the coolest spots in old Vegas and found himself in New Orleans the last few years. He fit in there perfectly to no one’s surprise.


We are proud to work with Monty and happy that he is offering his services for the Puget Sound region every summer as he (smartly) escapes the Louisiana heat to come home to Seattle from July to September. Perfect for wedding season. Nothing like a great band with a seasoned pro on the piano and vocals to make a celebration complete. Monty can perform solo as well as configure different size groups, usually between 3-5 members.