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DJ Sean

Sean Wheatley has been a DJ spinning in night clubs, weddings, corporate events, and house parties in Western Washington for over 10 years. Originally from Los Angeles, he is also a successful musician, having toured and recorded for various music projects, including a stint for A&M records in the early 90s. “I like to think that my music background helps me when I DJ,” states Sean, “it provides me with a good sense of timing and feeling, and my diverse musical taste allows me to adapt to any situation.”

This helps especially with weddings, where so many clients have so many different tastes: “I’m amazed at how many different kinds of music people are into. While a bride may be into 80s and newer dance and hip hop, the groom may be into alternative, rockabilly and old school funk. The key is making everyone happy at a wedding reception, including the parents and grandparents!”

A record collector since the age of 10, Sean’s collection is extensive and eclectic to say the least. From Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to the Velvet Underground and Radiohead and everything in between, he can handle any request from the typical disco to that obscure Cure song that the bride just has to hear. Lately he has been expanding his world music collection, allowing for an even wider musical palette.

His true love is jazz and the classics however – his favorite singers are Nat King Cole and Fats Waller – but he has no problem mixing them in with a great Motown hit, a swinging Latin tune, an indie rock song or a newer dance floor hit. The key is finding the right place for the right song. With Sean at the helm, clients can be well assured that the music they get is not only what they wanted, but a whole lot more.

Nice words from a happy customer:

In all aspects of wedding planning I was most concerned about our music. Even though Sean and Seattle Parties had had infinite other good reviews, it was hard to believe anyone DJ could handle the diversity we needed. I think, Sean might truly be a bit of a genius. Check it: We needed the music to link: Folk music, to Persian Pop, to Southern old School, to Seattle alternative, to 80’s depeche-mode, Cure and then some Jam Bands at the end for the Groom. So the job of Sean was not a light one….’Hey can you make it comfortable for a bunch of hippies, Southern folks, a whole lot Persians (Persians LOVE TO DANCE) and all my friends who love goth 80’s music?! Yes, yes he could. And did. I mean, every fade out and transition was…like…perfect. Let me emphasize, I was MOST concerned about music in all aspects of our wedding, as it was they key to bringing all these cultures together- and I think it is the key to celebration in general. I can honestly say there were ALWAYS people dancing from the 1st dance to long after last call. Oh, and Sean…was an amazing support throughout the process. He came to our rehearsal (!!) stayed nearly an hour later than booked, and brought gorgeous lighting that matched our very specific periwinkle hue, and we didn’t even ask for that……truly frickin’ incredible. You’d be lucky to book him